Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) was established after the enaction of the 2009 INTI Committee.

INTI – Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC) is an organization of young entrepreneurs with the support of the largest Chinese Organization INTI (Indonesia- Tionghoa) in Indonesia with members of more than 10,000 nationwide. YEC was formed to foster the younger generations to continue the vision & mission of INTI and become future leaders who will contribute towards the development of the nation.

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In the early days of YEC, more events were focused on interactive workshops and fostering relationships among the younger generations. Venues are more about fun and friendly gatherings.

However at late 2010, sensing the need and thirst to learn from the very best CEOs all over the industries in Indonesia, YEC decided to establish a series of power packed talks from CEOs which we named it CEO TALK SERIES: a showcase of quality speakers for your learning experience.

Starting from 2013, in partnerships with BCA Learning Service, YEC extend its venues with quality workshops that scheduled once in 2 months. When CEO Talk Series is about experience sharing from distinguished CEOs, BCA workshops are more to in-depth knowledge about managerial issues that we must know to manage our companies.

All in all, YEC provides exciting medium for vast networking and worthwhile learning for young entrepreneurs with passion to improve their companies even further and better.